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We receive some very similar questions when contacted. We hope this page will help clarify any questions you might have.



This is the most common question we receive. It is a tough question as there are so many variables when an event needs to be hosted. But if you could let us know what you need in your first email, that would help us come to a quote quickly. Sample questions we would ask:


1. How many people do you plan to have at your event?

2. Who is going to provide food and beverages?

3. Where is the venue? And who will pay for the venue hire fee?

4. What level of security do you need, if any?

5. Do you need a photographer?

6. Do you need tickets designed and printed?

7. Do you need a gate team to tag guests?

8. Do you need a PA system? Mics? If so how many?

9. What are your music requirements? DJ or live band? Which band/DJ?

10. Do you need an MC? Who is your preference?

11. What lighting do you want? Follow spot? Moving heads? Lazers?


So basically the more information you give us the more accurate our quote will be. We recommend our clients give us their approximate budget, and from there, we are able to create a modular costing sheet. 

02 Is R&G|EVENTS a modelling agency?


We are not a modelling agency.


R&G|EVENTS hosts a competition once a year in partnership with Boss Models. Boss Models is a professional modelling agency based in Cape Town. They have models placed in some of the most prestigious magazines and adverts, ranging from Elle, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Mens Health to Louis Vitton and Axe TV commericals. You will also find their models on the biggest catwalks around the world.  More info on their website -


The competition is completely free for all models wishing to apply. R&G|EVENTS and Boss Models will never ask for any form of payment from any model. Models will simply have to submit their details and 3 photos as part of the application form. It is within the sole discretion of Boss Models to decide who makes it to the next phase of the competition.


Models that make the final 20 will have to make their way, at their own cost, to all training workshops and photo shoots.


The winning model receives a life changing six-month contract with Boss Models that will kick start their professional modelling career. 

03 Do you do weddings?


We are not wedding planners.


We are able to help make the event that little bit more special by providing specific equipment and services, including:


1. Ambient Lighting -  Using wall washers, we are able to match wall lighting with wedding colour schemes.

2. Reception Party - we have a broad range of disco lights, lazers, and smoke machines to create an epic reception party.

3. DJs and Sound - we are able to provide necessary PA systems and DJs to support the event.

4. Snow Machines - what about having artificial snow fall as the bride walks down the aisle?

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